About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and consider making one of our Olde English Bulldogges a part of your home.   It all started for us in 2009 when our oldest son came home from college for Christmas break with a Olde English Bulldogge (CHIEF).  At first I thought “WHAT THE HECK HAVE YOU DONE”  There is no way a 22 year old College student can raise a dog, nor did he have any idea of the depth of commitment this would entail.  Little did I know how much Chief would mean to him.  Not only did Chief become Jared’s best friend and companion but he became a major part of our lives as well.

In 2010 and 2011 Renee and I lost our two Golden Retrievers due to old age and cancer.  We had no desire to get back into dog breeding again.  However, after taking care of Chief whenever Jared was gone for duty in the Military we found that having an Olde English Bulldogge was nothing like having any other dog.   The affection, discipline and great nature of Chief was something special.  It wasn’t long before we decided to get back into the dog ownership world.

We decided to buy our first Olde English Bulldogge from Friendship Kennels.   Our first OEB was Addie, she’s a very affectionate, loving and loyal companion.   However it didn’t take long after we purchased Addie that we felt  she needed a sister to grow up with.   So we went out searching for a companion for her.  It only took a couple weeks for us to locate a beautiful Seal and white very bullish puppy.  We immediately acquiring Sadie which is a “Blue Ribbon Bred” OEB from Freeds Kennels in the fall of 2012.

Our dogs ARE NOT kennel dogs, they are Family raised in our home with daily love, care, affection and inter action with us.   They are vet checked, and fed a balanced diet of IMMS food only.  They are taken out on our 4 acre parcel daily for exercise and time to play with each other.  Should you decide to make one of our puppies a part of your home we invite you to come and visit our dogs anytime so you can see for yourself that our Bullies are well balanced and Family raised.   We are are doing this in an effort to provide great quality dogs for a few select owners who have the right morals, values and commitment in raising one of the best family dogs available. 

As we grow and mature as a breeder we have been getting more and more requests for our puppies, we have decided to partner with a very select couple of people in order to meet the demand.  First was with Custom Canines out of Madison, WI  Ms. Nicole Meadowcroft who is the President of Custom Canines Service Dog Academy.  Nicole has decades of experience and is a master at dog training; she cares for her pets as well as she does any other human.  She’s a great asset to HDB and we are proud of her dedication and commitment to the breed.  The second partnership we have is with my brother Jason and his wife Katie, they have over 15 years experience with raising dogs and the parents of two young boys.  The dogs get great socialization with their growing family along with a lot of great exercise on their big 2.5 acres parcel.  Again all of our dogs are raised IN THE HOME, with daily interaction and affection.  My partners and I are co-owners of the dog’s and they have all agreed on the concept of HDB by ensuring all our puppies will be selectively bred, retaining the integrity of the breed, Vet Checked, and first and foremost HEALTH OF THE DOGS FIRST…