Dam: Aspen Louise

This is where it all started with HermDawg Bullies, Addie has already gone into retirement and was spayed after her first litter due to having to have a C-Section in 2015.  She was able to give birth again, however we decided to not put her through any more unnecessary surgeries, again these dogs are our personal pet’s and their health and safety is paramount.  

In September 2017, just before Sadie’s 5th birthday we decided to pay it forward and donate Sadie to a 100% Disabled Combat Veteran, who served our country for over 10 years in the 3rd Special Force Group (SFG) Fort Bragg, NC.  We were able to find a great Veteran from Richland Center, WI his wife and three children.  They lost their last bulldog due to cancer and were in search of an adult OEB to adopt.  We met Rick and his family on Sunday 10 Sep 17, and knew that adding Sadie to their family was the best thing for her as over the years Sadie and Addie were simply no longer best friends, we knew that sometimes you have to make the harder right decision over the easier wrong one.   We wish Rick and his family the best and we do plan on adding another OEB to our breeding program once a suitable puppy is found and passes the muster.  In the meantime, we wish Rick and his family all the best and hope for many great years with Sadie.  

We just added a new addition to our Family, her name is Aspen Louise, she’s a beautiful Blue Tri and will be a complete knock out when she fills out we are so excited and thrilled with her.  She comes to us from a small breeder in Idaho.   Addie has taken to her as if she was one of her puppies.  She’s doing an awesome job training her about the HermDawg House Rules.  She’s got a way’s to go, but were hopeful she’ll adapt to the rules pretty quick.