Available Puppies

All Puppies have been placed in their forever homes. Click below to see where they all went. Our next litter will be with our partner in Madison, WI at Custom Canines and Kegger. We don't expect the litter until around the first of the year.


Charlotte, I like to call her Houdini, she's a spunky little girl who loves to hop around like a bunny and sneak into any little hole she can find to play hide and seek.  Of course the then tries to pounce on her litter mates.  She's just over 13lbs and doing great.  Will be approx 60-65lbs all full weight and 16-17" tall will a very nice shinny black/white coat.


Casper now known as "Big GUS" is the king of the litter when it comes to size, he's over 20lbs now and is growing like crazy. Big head will be a definite head turner when he fills out with that square all white head and blue ears and eyes.  He'll be heading to Waterford, WI with a great young couple who'll be starting off life after college, we wish them all nothing but the best life has to offer, we are proud that you have decided to add Big Gus to be a part of your life's story.  



Carol is SASSY and a beautiful blue OEB who'll be one heck of a head turner and heart taker.  She has made her trip to Milwaukee with her forever family and is doing great.  We will miss her but know she's in good hands.  


Coffee is simply HOT and ready to wake you up!!!  Coffee now known as "Lily Pad" is now with her forever home in Holman, WI and has a big brother OEB named Frog.  It's a match made in heaven.  Congratulations.  


Cinnamon, what a beauty, born two days after her litter mates.

She found her forever parents on 8/28/17, a newly married couple who will be able to spoil her and build a great family as one just 25 miles away in LaCrosse.  Very happy for you all.  Congratulations.  


Carmel is loving her feet now that she realizes that she can scoot around all she wants. Loves to bite her litter mates ears.  She's over 15lbs now at 8 weeks, doing great and has turned out to be a very beautiful girl.  She's a sweet little girl who loves to cuddle and lick your face over and over and OVER again.  


Carlisle is a beautiful brindle puppy who was the 8th and final puppy of the litter born on 30 June 2017 at 0630am.  He weigned in at 7.5oz at birth and was the smallest of the iltter at birth.   He's 2.5lbs as of 25 July 2017 and has been SOLD to Dena from Wisconsin.  Carlisle will be going to a great home with Dena who is very familar with raising bulldog's.  Congratulations Dena and welcome to the HermDawg Bullies family


Candy is named for her sweetness, great little girl just wanting to love you!!!!  Come by and see her, I promise she'll steal your heart in under 5 minutes. Spunky, and ready to complete your family.