Previous Litter’s

HDB will be producing two litters this summer, the first is from one of HDB partners (Jason and Katie); KC and Ram’s litter arrived on  30 May 2017.  They were the proud parents of 5 beautiful puppies 2f/3m.    







Kegger and Soldier’s puppies have arrived, they are the proud parents of 3 males and 1 female born on 22 April 2017.   All puppies have been placed in their forever homes and two will become future Service Dog’s for Veteran’s with PTSD.  Thanks to Custom Canines of Madison for always going that extra mile to support our Troops!!  Please consider supporting them as well at:


We at HDB would like to Congratulate the 8 new family’s of KC and Ram’s puppies, and welcome you to the “HermDawg Bullies” Family Circle. Most of all we want to THANK YOU!!! for your trust and confidence in coming to us for your new family member. We know and realize it’s a major decision to add a new member to any family, we pledge to continue to work with you, should you have any questions or concerns and are looking forward to seeing updated pictures and milestones you encounter with your new family member. 

We are looking forward to our next litter which is planned for later this spring. It will be with another great Partner of mine with Custom Canines Service Dog Academy featuring the first litter from Kegger (Addie’s puppy from HDB) and Soldier.
Kegger is an ambassador and breeder for Custom Canines and Soldier is being trained for a Veteran who suffers from PTSD and hearing loss. We expect a knock out litter once again. 




27 October 2016 KC and Ram have become parents of 8 beautiful OEB Puppies, all are doing great, we look forward to introducing you to the puppies individually stay tuned as we are under construction for updates.  All puppies will be available for their forever homes on 22 Dec 16.  Until then you can find more pics on facebook and on  we have 6m and 2f 

whole-litter-3 whole-litter whole-litter-2


All Puppies are doing great and growing fast, they will be ready for their Forever Homes just in time for Christmas, contact us to set up a showing to select your next Family Member.  These pictures were taken at 3.5 weeks of age. 

ace-hermdawgbullies-3weeks adele-hermdawgbullies-3weeks ali-hermdawgbullies-3weeks angus-hermdawgbullies-3weeks apple-hermdawgbullies-3weeks ash-hermdawgbullies-3weeks austin-hermdawgbullies-3weeks axl-hermdawgbullies-3weeks 

Past Litters Chief and Sadie August 2016

 jojo-4-5-weeks jack jersey  josey


Past Litters

Addie and Chief’s Litter are SOLD



Chief and Addies Litter going homeDixie FOR SALE

Addies Litter by name 11 June 2015

Litter 29 Jun 15

  All Puppies have been SOLD and will be going to ther Forever Homes this week. 

Daisy SOLDDallas Donated11david sold Dixie SOLD

Addie’s pregnancy has finally come to an end on Friday 5 June, her and Chief are the proud parents of 6 very beautiful puppies.  The litter consisted of four males and two females.   Due to the size of the puppies Addie had to have a C-Section all went well and Addie is doing a superb job as a new mother.  However, like we’ve always stated, these are our house pets, with that in mind  we have made the decision to not allow Addie to have another litter so this will be her one and only litter, she will retire to the queen of the house as Renee’s little baby and spoiled little lady.  

All puppies will come with docked tails, up to date on all shots, dewormed, vet checked  health guarantee and fully registered with the IOEBA.  Prices are $1,500.00, for both females as a PET ONLY, and $1,750.00 for full registration.  We are currently taking reservations, should you be interested in obtaining  one of our Bullies please contact us so we can get to know you and your family to ensure owning one or more of our Bullies will be a good fit.  

Thank you,  

HermDawg Bullies

 Addie March 2015Chief1

AL 03AL1                                                                

We are retired military and also have two sons currently serving in the Army; we obviously support the Armed Forces 100%. In keeping that in mind we have decided to donate one puppy from each litter produced of 6 puppies or more to support our wounded Service Members who are returning home. The puppy will be donated to Custom Canines of Madison, WI to be trained for up to 18 months, at that time a deserving Service Member with either a physical or mental disability will be provided with his/her new companion dog.   You can follow the progress of our donated OEB’s at  As well any Service Member or Veteran who purchases one of our OEB’s will also receive a 5% discount off the purchase price of the puppy. (Must show ID or DD214, and the dog must be registered in the Veteran’s name). THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND DEDICATION TO OUR NATION

 Daytona SOLD Duke sold to HaleyDavid SOLD to Sarah